For Thine is the kingdom and power and glory forever. Amen.



John Collins United Methodist Church is located in the Overland neighborhood of Denver Colorado.

We are located at 2320 S. Bannock Street in Denver, Colorado 80210 in a historic brick church.

Please navigate around our website to learn more about services, our church’s history, and Methodism.

We welcome you to join or visit our congregation!

Outside of J Collins UMC Church

The John Collins United Methodist Church of Denver, as a part of the Universal Body of Christ, sets forth the following objectives as goals toward which we strive as a community of faith:

  1. We shall strive to be an inclusive and diverse community of believers in Jesus Christ, where all are welcomed and accepted regardless of age, race, sex or station in life, with a loving and caring concern.
  2. We shall strive to be a nurturing community where spiritual growth in Christ is fostered through worship, celebration, study and a healing fellowship.
  3. We shall strive to be a community that prepares one another for serious discipleship in the world where implementing our faith, we commit ourselves to relating the Gospel to the social problems and world issues of our day.

Adult Bible Study

We are starting an adult bible study group before Sunday services at 9:30am. We meet in the back of the chapel. Everyone is welcome to join, feel free to bring a friend who hasn’t attended our church. Please bring your bible. Currently we are reading through the books of the Old Testament. We will discuss the scripture, its background, and the application to our own lives. If you have never attended a bible study, don’t be shy. Participation is encouraged. We look forward to seeing you on Sundays!

Iniviting you to Sunday School

We just wanted to write a quick note to our church community as the final weeks of summer are wrapping up and students within the neighborhood will be sitting in classes in two short weeks.

It’s always good to start the school year off on the right foot. We ask our community to keep a prayer for the youth to have a great start and successful school year.

We do invite our community to paricipate in our Sunday Services and Sunday School. Our Sunday Services start at 11am and Sunday School starts at the same time. You’re invited to join us.

Best of luck to the neighborhood students with the start of the new school year!

Welcome to the new JCollinsUMC!

Welcome to the new website for John Collins United Methodist Church in Denver Colorado!

We will have more info about our church and services, and history of our history church soon.  Please check back!

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to attend our Sunday services.  Call us at 303-778-0984.